Aww New Tab

Bring back the fun to your Chrome Browser



Aww New Tab is an exciting and fun alternative to your new tab in your Chrome browser. Every time you open up a new tab you will, depending on your settings, be greated by a new gif brought to you by Giphy or a beautiful image from Unsplash. If you like “kittens” and input that as the category for you gifs, every new tab will bring up a  gif of kittens! If you like “astronomy” then look out for gifs releated to space, the solar system, and astronomy! If you think all of that is a little distracting, pick Unsplash photos to get a beautiful static image every time.

Oh, and of course, it displays your current time 🙂

I hope you enjoy Aww New Tab!

In Action




Definitely spices up my new tabs. I used to just have a drab basic pattern with a search bar. Who even needs a search bar? Especially when I already know everything. Best way to view funny fails, falls, and slips while also seeing some trippy space cats. With how awesome I am, I don’t have time to go out and actively look up this stuff so it’s nice having it curated for me. A++!

-Chris S.